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12 June 2021

Today marks the 20th anniversary of Cantavia Finnish Lapphunds as my very first litter was born exactly 20 years ago. What a ride it has been! Covid-19 put paid to my plans for a party, but here is a big virtual thank you to all owners of Cantavia Lappies! Pictured are Rauha and Mane from the first litter.

Last weekend some Cantavia dogs and I made our way to Pello, Lapland, for a weekend of sheep herding. Our trainer was Niina Laamanen of Pippurimuorin Lappies. The dogs present were Hali, Smokey, Bella, Vappu and Sulo as well as Hali's daughter Kauniin Lumi-Loitsu aka Taika. Hali has been herding several times before and while he is super clever with reindeer, he is not too keen on sheep and will be focusing on reindeer herding from now on. Our other herding veteran is Bella and I just loved watching her work the sheep. Despite his young age, Sulo has had a go at herding once before and he did look so promising in the paddock that I hope to see him aptitude tested at some point. The other three dogs were first-timers, all of them showing great interest in the sheep. All three seemed to get the idea what they were supposed to do. Vappu in particular showed some great herding moves such as stopping the herd by going in front of it. Thanks everyone for an enjoyable weekend! Pictured below is Vappu.

Usva has been eye tested clear, which is really great since she is nearly seven years old. Very happy!

29 May 2021

I am going to start this long overdue update with heartbreaking news: Sweet lovely Ruska had to be given sleep at the age of almost 12 years as she was diagnosed with a urine bladder tumour. A month or so later, we had to say goodbye to darling Minea, who went into a bad shape with no apparent reason and the only right thing to do was to let her go. My condolences to the owners! Another sad item of news is that Jekku has been diagnosed with copper-associated chronic hepatitis. According to the biopsy, this is a mild case of the disease. Let's hope it stays that way.

Health test results: Hilla, who was diagnosed with a lateral grade 2 patella luxation on her left knee as a youngster, was recently re-examined to see if the situation had got any worse. Unfortunately it had as the right knee is now affected, too (medial grade 1 luxation). Hilla might need an operation at some point, however, she is doing fine for now. In better news, Noki has been eye tested clear and gene tested Normal/Clear for prcd-PRA. Bella has also been eye tested clear, and she is free from heart murmurs and her patella score is 0/0.

Photo updates: Noki has a new profile picture and a couple of new shots in her gallery, Sulo's photos have been updated both on his personal page and on Vuokko's progeny page, and Tove has a new profile photo. A big thank you to the photographers!

13 Mar 2021

Pessi was recently health tested and the results look like this: his hip score is B/B, elbow score 0/0, patella score 0/0, and his eyes are clear. Also Hali has been eye tested with a clear result. Thank you to the owners of Pessi and Hali!

Photo updates: Alma, Bella and Pörri have new profile pictures and the following galleries have been updated: Alma, Bella, Noki (reindeer herding photos) and Tove (also featured is Tove's flatmate Hilppa). What is more, Nuttu's progeny page has been updated.

14 Feb 2021

Luka's hip and elbow scores are back from the Finnish Kennel Club: hip score C/B, elbow score 0/0.

8 Feb 2021

Health test results: Varpu, Viima and Luka have been eye tested clear. Varpu's patellas were re-examined and the score is still 0/0. Luka's patella score is also 0/0 while his hip and elbow scores are subject to Finnish Kennel Club evaluation. A big thank you to the owners!

Noki has a new profile picture and a couple of new photos in her gallery. Thanks Outi!