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5 May 2024

Some not-so-great news this time: firstly, I received a sad message about Nasti passing away at the age of fifteen. My condolences to Nasti's family! Secondly, Ella's x-rays were done recently: the scores are otherwise decent (elbow score 0/0, OCD score Unaffected/Unaffected, spine scores LTV0 and VA0), however, her hip score turned out to be D/C.

Jiska was shown today at the Mäntsälä group show under Aila Lehmussaari. She won the open class with a Very Good grading.

25 Apr 2024

Puppy news! Alma gave birth to two boys and two girls on 10 Apr. All are tentatively spoken for so no enquiries please. See Puppies for more information.

Herding aptitude test results: Salli was tested on reindeer at Savukoski on 7 Apr. Somewhat too eager and overexcited, Salli got the evaluation "retesting recommended". A week later Jiska was tested on sheep at Karstula and she passed the test. Congratulations!

Huli has a new profile picture. Thank you Niina!

1 Apr 2024

Kerttu's puppies have moved to their new homes. Head over to Litters and Co-owned to see their personal pages. The next litter is already in the pipeline (see Puppies)!

Spring Specialty of the Lapphund Club of Finland, Kotka 17 Mar: Rasmus graded Very Good under Sanna Kavén.

Jyväskylä group show 17 Mar: Vappu Excellent/2 under Reino Korpela.

Health test results: Jiska, who was elbow x-rayed about a year ago with a score of 0/1 (i.e. mild elbow dysplasia on the right side), was examined by computed tomography (CT) to see what was actually wrong with the elbow. CT findings revealed approximately 1 mm of new bone formation on the anconeal process and a bone spur smaller than 1 mm on the medial side of the inner coronoid process. Based on these findings, Jiska's elbow score remained unchanged. Sulo's hip score turned out to be B/B and elbow score 0/0. A big thank you to the owners!

10 Mar 2024

Juuka group show 9 Mar: Noki graded Very Good by Hannu Talvi.

Noki's gallery updated (thank you Outi Uusitalo!).

6 Mar 2024

Raahe group show 10 Feb: Vappu Very Good/4 under Sakari Poti.

Health test results: Huli's hip score is C/C and elbow score 0/0, and he is free from patella luxation and shoulder OC. His spine x-ray results came back clear, too (LTV0/SP0/VA0). His sister Jiska has been eye tested clear, and finally Haku, who was x-rayed in connection with his castration operation, received a hip score of B/A, elbow score of 0/0, and patella score of 0/0. A big thank you to the owners!

4 Feb 2024

The fifth generation is here! On 28 Jan, Kerttu gave birth to three boys (B/T & cream) and two girls (B/T & wolf sable). All went without a hitch and Kerttu is an excellent mother. All puppies are spoken for so no enquiries please.

As I was staying at home with Kerttu I missed this year's traditional Kuopio Spitz Specialty held on 28 Jan. Three team members were shown under breeder judge Tapio Kakko and the results look like this: Rasmus Very Good/4, Poca Very Good/2, and Vappu Excellent/2 & CQ. Yesterday there was a group show in Tornio, where both Sulo and Vappu were graded Excellent and Sulo was also placed fourth in his class under Tuula Pratt.

Photo galleries of Salli, Ella, and Ippo updated. Ella and Ippo also have new profile pictures (thank you Niina Nyrhinen & Titta Repo!).

27 Jan 2024

Kerttu's pregnancy x-ray revealed at least four puppies, possibly even five. Exciting times ahead!

The first show of the year is always the traditional Kajaani International, this year taking place on 13/14 Jan. Our team was represented by Vappu, who did a great job going Best of Opposite Sex and taking her second CC as well as her first CACIB! The entry of 48 Finnish Lapphunds was judged by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen. Congrats & thanks for the photos Eppu Pietola!

Last weekend saw us brave the elements as we had the Jäätuulen & Cantavia kennels' reindeer herding camp at Oijärvi. The temperature on Saturday morning was -29°C/-20°F, and while the reindeer and the Lappies didn't seem too bothered, we human beings were struggling to keep warm! Participants from our team were Rasmus, Salli, Jiska, Ella and Ippo. Salli was the only one with any previous experience in reindeer herding and I was happy to discover that she had not forgotten what to do but did an impressive job this time, too. All four first-timers showed great interest in the reindeer and demonstrated herding instinct. Showcasing their skills below are Rasmus and Jiska.

Latest health test results: Sulo has been eye tested and gonioscopied clear. Arttu's hip score is D/B, elbow score 0/0, patella score 0/0, and his eyes are clear. A big thank you to their owners!

I recently had Salli, Ippo and Poca gene tested with Embark (at-home swabs, so no veterinary verification available). The test panel not only contains lots of genetic health condition tests, but a whole host of other traits, too (such as coat, colour, size, and haplotypes). Salli and Poca turned out to be clear of all 250+ health issues including the ones somewhat relevant to Finnish Lapphunds (prcd-PRA, ift122-PRA, Pompe disease, DM and CMR). Ippo is a carrier of prcd-PRA and DM, as well as of the Lundehund syndrome (LEPREL1 gene). However, absolutely the most interesting part of the report is the genetic coefficient of inbreeding, which indicates how large a percentage of an individual's genes are identical on both sides of the pedigree. Salli's genetic COI is as high as 11% and Poca's 10% even though their pedigree-based COIs can be considered rather low. As expected, Ippo's genetic COI is 0% since his dam is originally a Russian Nenets Laika.