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30 Dec 2015
Excellent health news: Both Kielo and Myy have clear eyes and are free from patella luxation and heart murmurs.

28 Dec 2015
A long time in the making, I finally put the finishing touches on the Summary page, where I list all health-related issues and other details regarding dogs either owned or bred by me. Nothing has been been omitted on purpose, so if you see that something is missing or spot a mistake, please let me know.

Lyyti's page updated with a new photo - thank you Miia!

14 Dec 2015
Minsk International, Belarus 28-29 Nov: What a great weekend for Jippo and Myy, who both earned their Finnish and Belarus titles and took a BOB win each, Jippo on Saturday under Lisbeth Mach of Switzerland and Myy on Sunday under Olga Kojevnikova of Belarus. Both now have a CACIB to their credit, which is particularly delightful in Jippo's case as he only became eligible for CACIBs in June this year. While Jippo has a full three-generation pedigree, his maternal great-grandfather is not registered in an FCI-recognised studbook but instead in an appendix to the Finnish studbook, and FCI has now lifted the restriction on confirming CACIBs for dogs with such pedigrees.

Winner 2015 Puppy Show Helsinki Fair Centre 6 Dec: 14 Finnish Lapphund puppies entered, Karpo debuted in the minor puppy class under Kirsi Honkanen and won a very nice second place with a prize of honour. Photo by Jussi Virtanen.

Amsterdam Winner Show 2015, the Netherlands 12 Dec: Seija's first time out in the junior class went very well as she was graded Excellent and went on to take the res CC under Jos Dekker. Well done Seija!

Papu's hip and elbow scores came back as A/A and 0/0! What is more, her Pompe disease status is Normal/Clear.

Raiku's progeny page updated - thank you Taru!

23 Nov 2015
On 19 Nov, our Pharaoh Hound Kiara, aged 11 and a half, was poorly and had to be taken to the vet. Little did we know that she would never walk out of the clinic again - she had pyometra, was anemic and her liver values were elevated, so the only right thing to do was to let her go. Goodbye beautiful Kiara!

On a brighter note, Papu has been health tested: she has clear eyes and is free from heart murmurs and patella luxation. What is more, we are currently waiting for her hip and elbow scores as well as Pompe disease status.

6 Nov 2015
Halla's hip score is B/C and elbow score 0/0.

27 Oct 2015
Halla has been eye tested clear and is free from patella luxation and heart murmurs. We are now waiting for her hip and elbow scores back from the Finnish Kennel Club. Thank you Johanna!

17 Oct 2015
Gene test results: Koda is DM Normal/Clear and Saimi prcd-PRA Normal/Clear. Thank you Milla and Annikki!

11 Oct 2015
Zwolle International, the Netherlands 3 Oct: Seija Best Puppy in Breed under Ms S Walsh from Ireland. Congrats on a nice debut!

Autumn Specialty of the Lapphund Club of Finland, Lahti 4 Oct: Saimi had her show debut this weekend as well. No placement in the large bitch puppy class this time under Rune Fagerström. Photo by Taru Vallius.

Haukipudas temperament test 4 Oct: Myy scored 108 points/gun-sure status from Reijo Hynynen and Jari Laine. Well done Myy & Jonna!

Health news: Ronja's hip score is C/C and elbow score 0/0, and Varpu has been eye tested clear. Thank you Johanna and Milla for having your dogs examined. Unfortunately Minea has had a second epileptic fit, this time a proper one. Her first (mild) seizure was witnessed one and half years ago.

Varpu's profile picture and photo galleries of Myy and Kira updated - thank you Taru, Elina & Sirpa!

27 Sept 2015
Kouvola all-breed show 22 Aug: Varpu graded Very Good & placed third in the open class by breed specialist Ambjörn Lindqvist.

Överkalix all-breed show, Sweden 23 Aug: Siehkku best bitch, CC & BOS under Johan Juslin out of a decent entry of 29 Finnish Lapphunds! This win means that Siehkku will get her Swedish title as soon as she finishes a championship in any other Nordic country.

Rovaniemi group show 29 Aug: Myy went third best bitch under Raimo Viljanmaa, and as she was only beaten by champions, she took her first CC! Photo below by Johanna Kallioniemi.

Minsk International, Belarus 29-30 Aug: Lazy me who has hardly been to any dog shows this year decided to do something about it and attend the Belarus Winner shows with Nasti and Kielo. It was a fun trip and the results made it even better: at the first show both dogs got their Belarus champion and Belarus Winner '15 titles while Kielo beat Nasti for BOB under Jaroslava Ovesná of the Czech Republic. She then went on to Group 4 in a competitive group! On Sunday, Vjachaslav Viarbitski of Belarus also gave both dogs CCs and CACIBs, however, this time BOB went to Nasti. Photo of Kielo in the group ring by Olga Kisliakova.

Siilinjärvi group show 5 Sept: Breed specialist Eija Lehtimäki judging, Otso was placed second in a large junior class & got a CQ ribbon. Myy's result was EXC/3 in the open class. Photo of Otso by Paula Martiskainen.

Siikajoki puppy show 6 Sept: Viima and Kira were the first of Vuokko's babies to hit the show rings. There were 17 Finnish Lapphunds entered, which is quite a few for a puppy show. Vuokko's kids were shown in the baby puppy class: Viima was placed fifth and Kira fourth by Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa.

Rovaniemi obedience trial 5 Sept: Ronja scored a second prize at her very first trial under Harri Laisi.

Kiiminki sheep herding aptitude test 6 Sept: What a proud moment it was to witness Usva, who had never seen a sheep in her life, demonstrate a lot of promise as a herding dog and pass the test with compliments from the judge!

Sylvi's pups moved to their new homes late August except for Senni, who is waiting for her rabies clearance before she can move to her new home country. Karpo lives in Helsinki while brother Simba's new home is next door to his parents Sulo and Sylvi at Pyhäntä. Lyyti resides in Hikiä and Pinja in Muhos.

Photos added to Miina's gallery, and Sylvi's progeny page updated.

16 Aug 2015
Oulu International 12 July: litter siblings Otso and Usva both graded Good by Maija Mäkinen.

Kemi International 18 July: Graded Very Good, Kilpi won the intermediate class under breed specialist Tapio Kakko. Photo by Elina Korva.

Ylivieska International 19 July: Pirjo Hjelm gave Usva a VG grading. Photo by Pirjo Kivijärvi.

Svenstavik International, Sweden 1 Aug: Kilpi was shown under Elisabeth Spillman and got a Very Good.

Raahe group show 1 Aug: Poor Usva blew her undercoat right before the show so Katja Korhonen thought she looked more like a Sheltie than a Lappie (Usva is no taller than an average Sheltie male)! She was graded Sufficient, which was fair enough.

Kajaani group show 15 Aug: Myy VG/4 in the open class under Hannu Talvi.

Varpu was temperament tested in Hamina 2 Aug by Tarja Matsuoi and Tapio Knuutinen with a total score of 142 points/gun-sure.

Some health testing news: Siehkku's hip and elbow scores came back from the Finnish Kennel Club as B/B and 0/1. Jippo and Varpu have been tested Normal/Clear for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM).

There is a new photo on Halla's page.

7 July 2015
Siehkku was health tested today and has clear eyes and patellas (hip and elbow scores subject to Finnish Kennel Club evaluation). Unfortunately health testing was not the only reason for the vet's appointment: earlier this spring Siehkku was diagnosed with a bilateral inguinal hernia and she was operated on today. I decided to exclude Siehkku from my breeding programme because of the hernia, so she is now solely owned by Pirjo, who I wish to thank for a great partnership!

Siehkku's picture gallery updated.

6 July 2015
Sylvi's pups are here! There are two boys and three girls, all of them black and tan.

Rovaniemi International 21 June: Sporting a summery look, Halla won the intermediate class with a VG grading from Marja Talvitie.

Bodø all-breed shows, Norway 27-28 July: Kilpi took part in back-to-back all breed shows and went BOS with a so-called minor CC under Eeva Resko at the first one (14 Finnish Lapphunds entered). At the second show Frank Christiansen placed her EXC/3 in the intermediate class out of 18 Lappies. Grattis Kilpi!

19 June 2015
Nuuk tested Normal/Clear for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM).

15 June 2015
Puppies on the way! Sylvi is confirmed in whelp to C.I.B/FI/SE Ch HeJW '10 WW '12 Jäkäläkummun Ällintälli.

Varkaus International 16 May: Netta graded Very Good by Matti Tuominen.

Rovaniemi group show 16 May: Katja Korhonen was judging and Halla won the intermediate class with a VG grading.

Hyrynsalmi group show 23 May: Nuuk went Best Veteran in Breed & got a fourth place in the dog challenge under Matti Palojärvi. What is more, he made Juta Haranen's shortlist of six for Best Veteran in Show. Photo by Annika Lammela.

Keminmaa group show 24 May: Both graded VG, Usva (pictured below by co-owner Jenna) won the junior class and Halla got a second place in the intermediate class under Tuula Savolainen.

Minsk International, Belarus 6-7 June: Johanna, the co-owner of Nasti and Kukka, took the mother-son twosome all the way to Minsk to be shown under Manuel Loureiro Borges of Portugal (Saturday) and Julija Aidietiene of Lithuania (Sunday). On Saturday, both were awarded CACIBs while BOB went to Kukka. On Sunday they had to be content with an Excellent grading each. Thank you Johanna for taking the long trip!

Muhos group show 6 June: Pekka Teini was judging an entry of 47 and Usva took a nice EXC/3 place in a large junior class while Myy was also graded Excellent and placed fourth in the open class with a CQ ribbon. Photos of Usva (left) and Myy (right) by Taru Vallius.

Liminka group show 7 June: Although it was raining cats and dogs, Myy kicked it up a notch and this time placed second in the open class with a CQ grading. She also got a fourth place in the bitch challenge. Golden girl Peppi, out and about for the first time after a five-and-a-half year break, went BOS veteran. The judge was Tuula Pratt.

Sisu was eye tested and diagnosed with mild distichiasis and ectopic cilia. Thank you for having Sisu tested!

16 May 2015
Toholampi group show 1 May: This was Otso's first show and, graded Very Good, he won the junior class under Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa.

Siilinjärvi group show 9 May: Otso VG/3 under Sakari Poti.

Jekku was tested for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) and he is a carrier. Thank you Päivi for having Jekku tested!

Usva's profile picture and gallery updated. Vuokko's pups now have their own pages in the Litters section and Kira has been added to Co-owned dogs.

27 Apr 2015
Ronja was reindeer herding aptitude tested at the Saajománnu Reindeer Farm in Pello on 12 Apr and she passed it with flying colours, receiving excellent feedback. Thank you owners Johanna & Teemu for having Ronja tested - well done!

Kiuruvesi group show 26 Apr: This was Iita's first time out in the junior class and, graded VG, she got a second place out of five junior bitches under Markku Mähönen.

Vuokko's puppies are now in their new homes except for Lumikello (pet name Seija), who is waiting for her rabies clearance and will be travelling to her new home country early June. I placed Luhtavilla (Kira) out on breeding terms and she now lives in Kajaani with another Lappie. Lapinvuokko (Saimi) moved to the Staalon kennel in Nilsiä while Leimukukka (Minni) now resides in Ii. One of the boys, Liekinloimu (Viima), travelled to Lapland to join his dad Tuisku in Kittilä while the other, Lumituisku (Hali) stayed here in Oulu. Personal pages for each of them will be added soon. Photo below by Taru Vallius.

9 Apr 2015
Tervola group show 4 Apr: A very nice BP win for Usva and VG/2 placing in the intermediate class for Halla under Hannu Talvi.

23 Mar 2015
New photos: Otso and Myy herding reindeer.

15 Mar 2015
Kilpi's photo updated.

9 Mar 2015
Yesterday Myy, her co-owner Jonna and myself ventured out to Lapland to attend the annual reindeer herding event held at the Saajománnu Reindeer Farm in Pello. Handled by Jonna, Myy's reindeer herding aptitude test went very well - in fact, so well that the judges chose Myy, a complete novice living in the town centre of Oulu, as the joint best herder of the day! Well done Myy & Jonna!

24 Feb 2015
Vuokko and Tuisku puppies are here! Two boys (B/T) and four girls (two B/T & two domino coloured) born on 22 Feb. All are spoken for.

Pello group show 21 Feb: Papu graded VG and Ronja VG/3 by Perttu Ståhlberg.

Tuusniemi group show 22 Feb: Nuuk's first time out as a veteran! Hannu Talvi gave him a VG grading and a second place in the VD class. Nuuk pictured strutting his stuff by owner Pirjo Kivijärvi.

20 Feb 2015
Myy's hip score is C/C and elbow score 0/0.

9 Feb 2015
Photo updates: Papu's gallery and Karo's page. Thank you Pirjo Kivijärvi, Taru Vallius & Karo's owner Maria!

1 Feb 2015
Puppies on the way! Vuokko is confirmed in whelp to Kontioharjun Kaamos and her due date is around 22 Feb.

Kuopio Spitz Specialty 25 Jan: This was the first time out for Usva and Iita, and, even though unplaced in the baby puppy class, I was happy to see both behaving very nicely and enjoying their day out. Puppies were judged by Paula Rekiranta. We showed two junior girls (Ronja and Papu) as well, both of whom were graded Excellent by Saija Juutilainen. Papu also made the cut of five in a class of 22 junior bitches and gained her first CQ. Photos of Ronja (left) and Papu (right) below by Taru Vallius.

Raahe group show 31 Jan: Vekku returned to the show ring after a two-year break. The third time really is the charm: Vekku was shown under breeder judge Tapio Kakko twice before and took a reserve CC both times, however, this time he kicked it up a notch and finally won his crowning CC! He won the open class and went runner-up to best dog. This champion title is extra special in that all three CCs were won exclusively under breeder judges. Congratulations to owners Vuokko and Pekka! Photos by Taru Vallius.

New picture added for Remu. Thank you owner Johanna!

18 Jan 2015
Kajaani International 11 Jan: Papu was shown under Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa by her breeder Sanna and, graded Excellent, got a third place in a class of seven junior bitches.

Photo updates: galleries added for Lempi, Hertta, Elvis, and Arttu, and a new profile picture for Papu.