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News & updates 2006

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27 Nov 2006
I went to a group show in Kemi on Saturday. I had entered Lempi and DK Ch/Club Ch Lapinlumon Lapinloru aka Mimmi, who lives in Denmark but is staying with me for a while. Sakari Poti was judging and there were 33 Finnish Lapphunds in the ring (out of which 22 were bitches!). Mimmi managed a fantastic second place in the bitch challenge and as the winner already was a champion, the CC was passed on to Mimmi and she was thereby crowned a Finnish champion! This was way more than I had dared to hope for as this was Mimmi's first show in Finland. Many congrats to breeder/owner Sarah Brandes! Lempi did extremely well, too, by placing fourth in the bitch challenge and on top of that she was Best Veteran in Breed. What is more, later on the day she went Best Veteran in Show under Markku Santamäki!

Kiara and Mimmi had their hips x-rayed a couple of weeks ago and we have now got the final results from the Finnish Kennel Club: Kiara B/B, Mimmi C/C (on a scale from A to E).

19 Nov 2006
Latest show news: Oulu International 7 Oct proved to be an excellent day for us as first Kiara went 4th Best Bitch under Zafra Sirik, then Jeppe went 3rd Best Dog w/ Res CC and finally Peppi topped off the day by winning the large Open bitch class, placing 3rd in the bitch challenge, gaining Res CACIB as well as her third and crowning CC on her first outing after her 2nd birthday! So congratulations are in order for the very first Cantavia champion. Finnish Lapphunds were judged by Rodi Hübenthal of Sweden. Jeppe's photograph (left below) by Johanna Kuoppala and Peppi's (right below) by Minna Väänänen - thank you!

What is more, we also attended the autumn speciality show of the Finnish Lapphund Club in Kalajoki 22 Oct. Grand old lady Lempi made her first appearance in the Veteran class and was graded Very Good and placed 2nd by Antti Aarnio. Rekku entered the Junior class for the first time and was graded Good by Leila Kärkäs. Then Peppi was shown at Jyväskylä International 18 Nov by Kati and she added another Res CACIB to her credit and went 2nd in the bitch challenge under Maija Mäkinen. Well done girls!

Lempi was eye tested clear 8 Nov.

3 Sept 2006
Arttu went BOS in Helsinki yesterday under Tom Mather out of an entry of 34 Chinese Cresteds. What is more, Arttu's daughter Kuutarhan Taikakukka was made up on the day - congrats to breeder/owner Erja Pekkala!

21 Aug 2006
Finnish Lapphund puppies born 18 Aug by Cantavia Leijonamieli out of Jäkäläkummun Davvenieida.

A couple of show results: Arttu went 5th Best Dog at the Norwegian Winner show in Oslo 12 Aug under Joakim Ohlsson, whereas Rekku attended his very first show at Sotkamo and won the Puppy Dog class (three entries) under Esko Nummijärvi.

12 Aug 2006
Kiara has been shown with the following results:
  • Ylivieska all-breed show 2 July - 2nd Best Bitch (judge Torbjörn Skaar)
  • Ruukki group show 29 July - 3rd Best Bitch (judge Ritva Raita)
  • Kuopio all-breed show 4 Aug - 4th Best Bitch (judge James D Sillers)
  • Kuopio int'l show 5 Aug - 4th Best Bitch (judge Marion Spavin)
  • Kuopio int'l show 6 Aug - EXC/3 (judge Annukka Paloheimo)

Doris made her show debut at Ylivieska going 3rd in the puppy class under Pirjo Hjelm, and Jeppe was graded Very Good and placed first in the intermediate class by Tuula Pratt at Ruukki.

29 June 2006
Hertta, Peppi and Jeppe were tested for prcd-PRA with the following results:
  • Orso-Farm Qumina Normal/Clear
  • Cantavia Lounatuuli Normal/Clear
  • Cantavia Leijonamieli Normal/Clear

Things have been rather quiet on the show front - nevertheless Kiara went BOB at the Oulu all-breed show 14 May under Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa and gained a creditable second place in the Champion class at the European Winner show in Helsinki 10 June under Unto Timonen.

Kiara also took part in her very first lure coursing competition at Kajaani 18 June scoring 408 points.

12 May 2006
Peppi's hip and elbow evaluations arrived today: her hip score is C/C (on a scale from A to E) and she has clear elbows.

7 May 2006
These first months of 2006 have been rather quiet as far as dogs are concerned. Here is a brief update of what has been going on:

Peppi attended a reindeer herding test at Narkaus 5 Mar and passed it with ease. She got very excited about herding and proved to be an agile and fast herder (she will need to work on the obedience part though!). Thank you Kati for handling Peppi in the paddock!

Peppi had her health checks performed: her eyes were clear and she was free from patella luxation. Now we just have to wait for the final evaluation of the hip and elbow x-rays back from the Finnish Kennel Club. What is more, Peppi took part in her very first fun agility competition and she certainly did it with style: Peppi won the Medium dogs' class! What a start.

As for dog shows, Kiara went runner-up to Best Bitch with Res CC and Res CACIB at Kajaani 6 Jan under Cristian Stefanescu. At Tampere 18 Mar she was graded Very Good by Steven Seymour, and at Lahti 23 Apr she went 3rd Best Bitch under Manuel Loureiro Borges. The best result so far this year was achieved at Vaasa 30 Apr where Kiara went BOB and finished her championship under Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen! Unfortunately she was unable to attend the group judging. Arttu was shown at Turku 22 Jan and went 4th Best Dog under Harry Tast.

Oona's puppies moved to their new homes in January. Timotei and Tuhatkauno live in Haukipudas, Tupasvilla in Suomussalmi and Timjami flew all the way to Belgium. I met the three puppies that stayed in Finland at a Match Show 9 Apr and I was happy to see that all of them were outgoing and very well behaved even though it was their first time out and about. Rekku and Vilma made their ring debuts and both of them were placed well. Doris' first appearance in the ring took place a month later at a Match Show in Oulu where she was placed BIS-7.