Cantavia Finnish Lapphunds


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Cantavia Nokinenä

    • Finnish Lapphund (bitch)
    • Sire: Famolas Qstone
    • Dam: Cantavia Luhtakerttunen
    • DOB 29 Oct 2021
    • Location: Turku (Kaamoksen)
    • Eyes clear (Dec '23), hip score C/B, elbow score 0/0, free of lumbosacral transitional vertebrae (LTV0) and vertebral anomalies (VA0), free from patella luxation and heart murmurs, prcd-PRA Normal/Clear by parentage, Pompe disease Normal/Clear by parentage, Degenerative Myelopathy Normal/Clear by parentage

Even though there were three bitches in Noki's litter to choose from, in the end Nuttu was an easy choice: Noki's co-owner Niina kept saying from day 1 that she wanted the only wolf sable bitch, who was a dead ringer for Niina's beloved Famolas Quutamosoolo (the puppies' aunt), while Johanna (the co-owner of my puppy) wanted whichever of the two B/T girls was naughtier and cheekier. Nuttu has big boots to fill - our previous co-owned dog, the oh-so-lovable Kukka was a right handful and it remains to be seen whether Nuttu can match that! Nuttu's main hobby is agility and, in addition, she has made a couple of apperances in the show ring and in the sheep paddock. A big thank you to Johanna for this co-ownership opportunity.

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Famolas Qstone Famolas Gustaa-Adolf Taapanterin Hulivili
Famolas Cajana
Fihtolas Lilliputti
Lecibsin Sakarias
FI Ch Fihtolas Åfelia
Cantavia Luhtakerttunen Staalon Xamuli Shacal Xenaste
Seitakeron Fani
Cantavia Luhtavilla FI/SE Ch Kontioharjun Kaamos
Lapinpeikon Namupala