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News & updates 2010

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23 Dec 2010
Winner 2010 Helsinki Fair Centre 12 Dec: The trip itself was something of a nightmare what with the city of Helsinki being completely snowed in and all (cleared parking spaces were few and far between, and we did get stuck in the snow a couple of times!), however, the results made it all worthwhile. One of the main events of the year had attracted an entry of 77 Finnish Lapphunds that were put through their paces by breeder judge Ambjörn Lindqvist of Sweden. First up was Kielo, who was entered in the junior class so she could compete for the Finnish Junior Winner '10 title awarded to the winners of the Junior Dog and Junior Bitch classes (Excellent grading required). There were eight bitches in the JB class and Kielo came out as the winner! I was thrilled to bits, however, had to pull myself together to show Mette in the champion class. As usual, she was showing her socks off, wagging her tail non-stop (and letting out the occasional excited bark...). To my utter surprise and delight, Mette won the champion class of 13 high-quality bitches! Johanna Laiholahti, the owner of Kukka and co-owner of Nasti, kindly stepped in to show Kielo for me in the bitch challenge as I thought I had better focus on Mette, who can be a handful at times. The decision paid off as Mette took best bitch and the coveted Finnish Winner '10 title! I was over the moon and did not mind Mette being beaten for BOB by the handsome Lapinpeikon Häntä Heikki as we were quite happy to leave the snowy Helsinki behind us and drive 600 km back home to northern Finland where we barely have any snow at all. Definitely a day to remember! Photo below by Sanna Parviainen (Mette on the left).

27 Nov 2010
Jyväskylä International 14 Nov: Netta was graded Excellent by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen and got a second place in the intermediate class.

Nasti's hip and elbow score results are back: his hips are A/A and elbows 0/0. Very happy!

6 Nov 2010
Introducing a new team member: This is Jäkäläkummun Cumminkaima (since that is a mouthful we call her Minea). By Multi Ch SBIS winner Peikkovuoren Mettänpeikko out of Jäkäläkummun Outa, Minea is something old, something new for my breeding programme. She lives with Mette, Kirsi and Juha-Pekka here in Oulu.

On a sadder note, we have had to say goodbye to Arttu. Arttu was one of the first Chinese Crested superstars of the Finnish dog fancy and a great showman - the bigger the ring the happier he was to show off. Sleep well Arttu, we miss you.

Latest show results:

Köyliö group show 11 Sept: Nasti Very Good/3 in the junior class and Kukka Very Good/2 in the open class under Pekka Teini. Thanks Johanna!

The Finnish Lapphund Club's Autumn Specialty, Jyväskylä 17 Oct: Koda Good (judge Hannu Talvi), Netta Excellent/3, Viivi Very Good, and Mette Excellent/4 (judge Mari Lackman).

Seinäjoki International 23 Oct: Edi BOS with his third CACIB under breed specialist Tapio Kakko! Now he only needs one more CACIB for his C.I.B title. Our other dogs did well, too: both Kukka and Mette got Excellent/2 in their classes.

Excellent news from the obedience rings: Kukka won the Championship Class at the Finnish Lapphund Club's Autumn Specialty event on 16 Oct earning her first leg towards the Obedience Champion title. She was also awarded a special prize for being the best-placed Lappie in the Championship Class. I could not be more proud! Not to be outdone, Peppi competed in the Open Class at Haukipudas 23 Oct and earned her second leg towards the obedience degree TK2. Many congratulations to both dog/handler teams! Photos of Kukka below by Birgitta Karhunen.

Health test results for Raiku: He has clear eyes (except for iris/iris PPM) and is free from patella luxation and heart murmurs.

4 Sept 2010
Mäntyharju group show 28 Aug: Netta, despite being out of coat, went third in the bitch challenge under Esko Salkonen.

22 Aug 2010
Lohtaja group show 14 Aug: Another double for us as Aarni took BOS (and his first CC) and Kielo BOB (and her third CC) under Pekka Teini. Not content with that, Kielo went on to Group-4 in the sweltering heat!

Kouvola all-breed show 21 Aug: Koda Very Good/4 under breed specialist Tapio Kakko.

Heinola all-breed show 22 Aug: Koda Very Good/2 under Pekka Teini.

13 Aug 2010
Ristiina all-breed show 31 July: Netta, sporting a summery hairstyle, was graded Good by Arvi Ellmén.

Mustasaari group show 7 Aug: We did the double with Jeppe going BD and Kielo BB & BOB under Hannu Talvi. What with Jeppe gaining his third and qualifying CC (congrats once again Minna!) and Kielo now having two under her belt I thought the day could not possibly get any better, however, Kielo then went on to win the Spitz group! Best in Show judge was Leni Finne who gave Kielo Runner-up to BIS. What a super day! Photos of Jeppe relaxing after the show and Kielo topping the group by Minna Väänänen.

29 July 2010
Kemi all-breed show 25 July: This was Kielo's second time out as a junior and 29 Lappies came under the scrutiny of Maija Mäkinen. As it was raining just about nonstop, it was a mission and a half to keep Kielo somewhat decent-looking, however, to my joy and delight, she went best bitch winning her first CC! Photo of a rather soaked Kielo by Laura Posti.

19 July 2010
Gällivare International, Sweden 11 July: 27 Lappies were put through their paces by Göran Bodegård and our dogs did quite well: Aarni took a second place in the open class with a CK (equivalent of the Excellent grading), while Mette was chosen as runner-up to best bitch and awarded a reserve CACIB. Photo of Aarni below by Minna Suihkonen.

Oulu International 11 July: While we were showing in Sweden, Jekku and Edi were shown by their owners in Oulu under Gunnar Nymann. Jekku was graded Very Good and Edi got a fourth place in the champion class.

Leivonmäki group show 11 July: Yet another show going on the same day, this one judged by Paula Rekiranta. Netta was graded Very Good and placed third in the junior class.

Nasti's patellas have been examined: he is free from patella luxation.

10 July 2010
Trondheim Lapphund Specialty, Norway 3 July: Another fantastic specialty for us as Edi went BOB under Eli-Marie Klepp and thereby finished his Norwegian and Nordic titles! Mette did very well, too, ending up as runner-up to best bitch. The Finnish Lapphund entry was 34.

Trondheim International 4 July: Sunday's entry of 28 Lappies was judged by Per-Harald Nymark and we did even better than the day before: Edi took BOB and Mette BOS (which makes her a Norwegian and Nordic champion as well)! Both were also awarded a CACIB. Well worth clocking up 2400 km for! Photos below by Kirsi Niemisalo (Edi in the group ring) and yours truly.

Netta's hip and elbow scores are here: her hips are C/C and elbows 0/0.

26 June 2010
Suomussalmi group show 13 June: Jekku G, Jeppe EXC/1 res CC (his fifth!), Nuuk third in the dog challenge, Edi best dog & BOS, and Mette second in the bitch challenge under Gunnel Holm. I was finally able to show my very first Team, which went Best Team in Breed. The Best Team in Show competition was judged by Roberto Schill and imagine my excitement when we went all the way to BIS! Thank you team members for this memorable moment. Photo below by Paula Martiskainen.

Skellefteå Lapphund Specialty, Sweden 20 June: What an awesome day we had at the specialty show organised by the Lapphund Club of Sweden! We showed two dogs, Edi and Mette, and they were chosen best dog and best bitch by breed specialist Ambjörn Lindqvist. Both of them gained a CC which makes them Swedish champions! The Best of Breed rosette was handed to Mette while Edi went Best of Opposite Sex. What is more, Mette went Runner-up to BIS (beaten by a handsome Swedish Lapphund). What a super show! Photos below by Riikka Koskela (top left), me (top right) and Kirsi Niemisalo (bottom left & right).

6 June 2010
Lots of show ring news from the past weeks (I hope I did not leave out any results by accident as there have been so many shows):

Pertunmaa group show 10 Apr: Netta VG/2 under Maija Mäkinen.

Ylitornio group show 17 Apr: Kielo 2nd in bitch puppy with a prize of honour, Jeppe G, and Nuuk VG/1 under Riitta Lahtovaara.

Vaasa International 17 Apr: Edi 2nd in the dog challenge with a res CACIB - since the winning dog already is an International Champion, the CACIB will be transferred to Edi. Congrats to Hannakaisa on Edi's first CACIB! Lappies were judged by Hans Lehtinen.

Lahti International 24 Apr: Arttu the Crested 4th in the dog challenge & BVIB under Tuula Plathan. Photo below by Katja Laurila.

Kruunupyy group show 8 May: Kielo BPIB, Jeppe 3rd in the dog challenge, Mette 4th in the bitch challenge, and Lempi BVIB under Jari Fors. The BVIS competition was judged by Raija Tammelin who placed Lempi as second runner-up to Best Veteran in Show!

Kuusamo group show 8 May: Nuuk 2nd in the dog challenge and Edi VG/2 under Teuvo Kangas. Photos below by Johanna Lämsä.

Kangasniemi all-breed show 13 May: Netta VG/2 under Paavo Mattila.

Hyrynsalmi group show 15 May: Kielo 2nd in bitch puppy with a prize of honour, Jeppe 3rd in the dog challenge with a res CC, Nuuk 2nd in the dog challenge, and Mette 3rd in the bitch challenge with a res CC under Hannu Talvi. Photos below by Johanna Sergejeff (Mette on the left) and Heli Leskinen (Jeppe on the right).

Rauma all-breed show 15 May: Nasti VG/2 and Kukka VG/3 under Saija Juutilainen.

Mynämäki all-breed show 16 May: Nasti VG/3 under Arne Foss - thank you Johanna for taking our youngster to these two shows!

Siilinjärvi group show 22 May: Nuuk EXC/3 and Netta EXC/3 under Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari. Photo of Netta below by Paula Martiskainen.

Oulainen group show 22 May: Jekku G, Jeppe G, Edi BOB (42 Lappies entered so well done Edi!), Kielo 2nd in the bitch challenge with a res CC, and Mette VG under Leni Finne. Photos below by Minna Väänänen (Edi on the left) and Titta Repo (Kielo on the right).

Närpiö group show 29 May: Jeppe 2nd in the dog challenge with a res CC and Mette BOB under Sakari Poti. Mette got her crowning CC at this show and finished off the day by going Group-3!

Pharaoh Hound Open Show "Farkkushow" 5 June: Kiara 3rd in the champion class under Annica Lundqvist-Hemström. Kiara's kids Northgate's Just about Perfect "Kaya" and N Just for Kicks "Ralf" took BIS and BOS puppy!

Pharaoh Hound Specialty in Tammela 6 June: Kiara VG under Björg Foss.

Kukka took part in a temperament test in Helsinki 9 May scoring +114 points under Bengt Söderholm and Tarja Matsuoi. Thank you Johanna for having Kukka tested.

3 Apr 2010
Tampere International 20 Mar: Netta VG and Kukka VG/3 under Nils Molin of Sweden.

Turku Spring Specialty 28 Mar: This was the 40th anniversary show of the Lapphund Club of Finland, and driving all the way to Turku was well worth the trip as Kielo, shown for the first time in the puppy class, was chosen Best Puppy in Breed by Zidy Munsterhielm-Ehnberg, and she then went on to Runner-up Best Puppy in Show under Harto Stockmari. What a proud moment - let's hope this bodes well for Kielo's future show career! We had a couple of other dogs entered as well, however, the only one that actually made it to the ring was Netta, who this time was graded Good by Kari Järvinen.

Raiku has been hip and elbow scored with the following results: his hips are C/C and elbows 0/0.

8 Mar 2010
The annual reindeer herding event was held in Pudasjärvi (southern Lapland) over three days on 5-7 March. Representing the team this year were Nuuk (Friday) and Aarni (Sunday). Nuuk passed the test with flying colours (congrats once again!), however, Aarni did not bark or show that much interest in the reindeer. This came as somewhat of a surprise considering Aarni had had a practice run in the reindeer paddock at Ranua a couple of weeks earlier and had put up a good performance. Perhaps we will try again next year.

Kerimäki group show 7 Mar: Netta EXC/2 in the junior class and third in the bitch challenge under Esko Salkonen. Well done Netta!

28 Feb 2010
Kiara's puppies (two boys & two girls) are here!

Tornio group show 22 Feb: Jeppe VG and Nuuk EXC/3 under Tuula Savolainen.

13 Feb 2010
Nuuk has been eye tested clear by Kaisa Wickström.

7 Feb 2010
Nivala group show 23 Jan: A freezing cold day but luckily the dogs did OK under Sakari Poti: Aarni VG/3, Helmi EXC/2, Mette EXC/1, and Lempi EXC/3.

Kuopio Spitz Specialty 31 Jan: Another cold day with showers of snow - note to self: next time consider more carefully before entering dogs to an outdoor event in January! It was good to see quite a number of Cantavia dogs attending. We could have shown a team but since the weather was so brutal I could not expect everyone to stay and wait for hours for the Team class. The entry was made up of 113 dogs, which were judged by breed specialist Jukka Kuusisto (except for the sixteen junior bitches that were judged by Sakari Poti). Our results were as follows: Aarni EXC, Nuuk EXC, Edi EXC, Helmi EXC/4, Ruska G, Netta VG and Mette VG.

Keuruu group show 7 Feb: Netta EXC/3 under Hannu Talvi. Well done Pia and Netta!

10 Jan 2010
Kajaani International 10 Jan: Nuuk graded Excellent by Marja Talvitie, no placement in the champion class this time.

4 Jan 2010
Kielo took part in her very first puppy match yesterday and went Best in Match over 127 pups entered. That is my girl!