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FI/LV Ch Cantavia Neidonkenkä

    • Finnish Lapphund (bitch)
    • Sire: Dagolas Duutsoni
    • Dam: Fidelis Unikko
    • DOB 10 Apr 2009, died 14 Feb 2023
    • Owned by Pia Harjunpää (Usvakallion)
    • Eyes clear (Jan '16), hip score C/C, elbow score 0/0, free from patella luxation and heart murmurs, prcd-PRA Carrier

My N and J litters were born around the same time and for once I was spoiled for choice as to which bitch puppy to place out on breeding terms. Since a couple of breeders had booked bitch puppies from the J litter and they were likely to be bred from later on, I decided to go for the N litter myself. It was a tough choice between Niittyvilla with the waggiest tail ever and Neidonkenkä the cheeky monkey, however, after weeks of pondering I finally made up my mind and chose Neidonkenkä as I slightly preferred her conformation and headpiece to Niittyvilla's. Netta lived with Pia Harjunpää in central Finland. Netta's partner in crime was the family's youngest child Tomi and the pair of them constantly got up to no good! Netta was shown quite a bit by Pia and she acquired her champion title not too long after her second birthday. Also, Netta passed the reindeer herding test at Kolari in March 2011, and earned a blood tracking trial score as the second-ever Finnish Lapphund in Finland. What is more, she was temperament tested (+186 points/gun-sure). A truly versatile dog, Netta even dabbled in water rescue! Netta had the Cantavia Ä litter in 2012 and was thereby transferred into Pia's ownership. Thank you Pia for all the work you did with Netta!

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Dagolas Duutsoni FI Ch Lumiturpa Eemeli C.I.B/FI/EE/PL Ch W '99 EUW '00 EE W '99 PL & PZSG '00 Lecibsin Hurmuri Hukka
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