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FI/LV Ch Cantavia Neidonkenkä

    • Finnish Lapphund (bitch)
    • Sire: Dagolas Duutsoni
    • Dam: Fidelis Unikko
    • DOB 10 Apr 2009, died 14 Feb 2023
    • Location: Hankasalmi (Usvakallion)
    • Eyes clear (Jan '16), hip score C/C, elbow score 0/0, free from patella luxation and heart murmurs, prcd-PRA Carrier

My N and J litters were born around the same time and for once I was spoiled for choice as to which bitch puppy to place out on breeding terms. Since a couple of breeders had booked bitch puppies from the J litter and they were likely to be bred from later on, I decided to go for the N litter myself. It was a tough choice between Niittyvilla with the waggiest tail ever and Neidonkenkä the cheeky monkey, however, after weeks of pondering I finally made up my mind and chose Neidonkenkä as I slightly preferred her conformation and headpiece to Niittyvilla's. Netta lived in central Finland and her partner in crime was her family's youngest child - the pair of them constantly got up to no good! Netta was shown quite a bit by Pia and she acquired her champion title not too long after her second birthday. Also, Netta passed the reindeer herding test at Kolari in March 2011, and earned a blood tracking trial score as the second-ever Finnish Lapphund in Finland. What is more, she was temperament tested (+186 points/gun-sure). A truly versatile dog, Netta even dabbled in water rescue! Netta had the Cantavia Ä litter in 2012 and was thereby transferred into Pia's ownership. Thank you Pia for all the work you did with Netta!

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