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FI/SE/BY Ch BYW '16 Cantavia Kalliokielo

    • Finnish Lapphund (bitch)
    • Sire: Murustiinan Aamos
      MK/ME Ch BALT/EE/LV/LT VCh JW '10 BYW '15 Shacal Rosmariini
    • DOB 9 Aug 2013, died 8 Mar 2019
    • Location: Suomussalmi (Katajavaaran)
    • Eyes clear (July '15), hip score B/B, elbow score 0/1, free from patella luxation, prcd-PRA Normal/Clear, Pompe disease Normal/Clear

There were as many as five bitch puppies in Kielo's first litter, so it was not exactly easy to choose which one to place out on breeding terms. Siehkku caught my eye from day one, so she was my final choice in the end. Pirjo had booked a bitch puppy from Kielo a couple of years earlier, so Katajavaaran kennel was the obvious home for Siehkku. Siehkku's career as a show dog was off to a sterling start with numerous nice wins in the puppy class as well as two CCs (and a BOB and BOS) from junior classes before turning ten months old, one of them from breed specialist Tapio Kakko. She also won a CC (& BOS) in Sweden shortly after her second birthday, and finished her Finnish and Swedish titles in style by going BOB under Markku Mähönen in July 2016. Unfortunately Siehkku developed a bilateral inguinal hernia in 2015 so I decided not to breed from her and handed over the ownership to Pirjo. In March 2017, Siehkku had an epileptic fit. Examined by a vet the next day, he diagnosed an inflammation of the outer and middle ear, which can cause symptoms that mimic seizures. However, we will never be able to tell for sure if this was the case (she never had any more seizures). With age Siehkku started showing aggressive tendencies towards the other dogs in the family and eventually had to be put to sleep. Thank you for everything Pirjo & the Katajavaaran gang!

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