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C.I.B/FI/EE Ch TK2 Cantavia Lounatuuli

    • Finnish Lapphund (bitch)
    • Sire: Orso-Farm Dielku
    • Dam: FI Ch Orso-Farm Qumina
    • DOB 1 Aug 2004, died 30 June 2018
    • Owned by Kati Räsänen
    • Eyes clear (Mar' 08), hip score C/C, elbow score 0/0, free from patella luxation, prcd-PRA Normal/Clear

Peppi was from my second Lappie litter. Originally placed out on breeding terms, she lived with Kati Räsänen and Erkki Mikkonen in Oulu. Peppi was shown both by Kati and me, and not even one year old, she already had two CCs and BOBs to her credit. Her proudest moments in the show ring included two class wins at Lapphund Club specialties: she won the junior class at the Autumn Specialty 2005 under breed specialist Eija Lehtimäki and the champion class at the Autumn Specialty 2007 under Hannu Talvi. She also went second in the bitch challenge out of 170 Lappies on the latter occasion. Peppi finished her Finnish Champion title shortly after her second birthday and later gained her International title, too. In agility Peppi competed in the Midi 3 class and, what is more, she earned the obedience degree TK2 from the Open Class. Peppi also passed the reindeer herding test at Narkaus in March 2006 and got 174 points/gun-sure (unaccustomed to gunshots) in the Finnish temperament test in November 2007. Unfortunately Peppi never conceived despite numerous attempts, and the ownership was transferred to Kati when Peppi turned four years old. Thank you, Kati, for your active participation in all things canine - I really appreciate your efforts!

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