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FI Ch Orso-Farm Qumina

    • Finnish Lapphund (bitch)
    • Sire: Vielpas Nassakka
    • Dam: Orso-Farm Gatna
    • DOB 10 Aug 2000, died 17 June 2009
    • Bred by Eija Lehtimäki (Orso-Farm)
    • Eyes clear (Apr '07), hip score B/A, prcd-PRA Normal/Clear

Hertta, my sunshine, never was the smartest dog in the world, but she was extremely good-natured and easy-going. Although very sparingly shown (only seven times in official classes), she had a BOB & BOS to her credit. She passed the reindeer herding test at Poikajärvi in March 2003 and knew some basic obedience and agility. Hertta had two litters and was an excellent mother. Born in August 2004 by Orso-Farm Dielku, the first litter was registered under the Cantavia prefix. As Hertta was originally co-owned with her breeder Eija Lehtimäki, she had a litter of three puppies under the Orso-Farm prefix in 2005 before the ownership was transferred to me. Sadly, one of the pups died young. Hertta was very healthy all her life and never had to go to the vet except for her vaccinations, eye tests and hip x-rays, and ultrasounds, until mid-June '09 she was suspected to have a mild case of pyometra and had to be operated. After the surgery she had popped her head up once and then passed away. It was a devastating shock and I will never get entirely over it. She was not even nine years old so way too young to leave us. Now all that is left of this sweet, silly, goofy dog is an urn of ashes and a bunch of beautiful memories, however, fortunately she lives on through her progeny who extend to many generations. Thank you Eija for letting me have this wonderful little creature, who brightened up my life every day. Hertta will be missed forever.

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