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FI Junior Ch Cantavia Ruusukulta

    • Finnish Lapphund (bitch)
    • Sire: Katajavaaran Menninkäinen
    • Dam: Cantavia Metsäruusu
    • DOB 16 Sep 2021
    • Hip score C/B, elbow score 0/0, free of lumbosacral transitional vertebrae (LTV0) and vertebral anomalies (VA0), prcd-PRA Normal/Clear by parentage, ift122-PRA Normal/Clear (Embark), Pompe disease Normal/Clear by parentage, Degenerative Myelopathy Normal/Clear (Embark), Canine Multifocal Retinopathy Normal/Clear (Embark)
    • Genetic COI 11 % (Embark)

Salli's pedigree neatly sums up my past quarter century in dogs. Her paternal great-granddam is my first dog Lempi, who was born in January 1997. The pedigree also features my fourth dog Vuokko (maternal great-granddam), while further back you can find my second dog Hertta and one of my early co-owned bitches Ronja. When planning this litter I knew straight away that I would have to keep a bitch puppy at home as I would never again have a puppy with a pedigree this close to my heart, filled with my early foundation stock. Luckily the only bitch in the litter had a fun temperament and was easy on the eye as well, so it was not a difficult decision at all. Sassy and full of beans, Salli is constantly wagging her tail just like her mum Ruusu. Salli had a very promising puppy career in the show ring: shown seven times, she was awarded a Prize of Honour each time, went Best Puppy in Breed five times and won the baby puppy class at a Lappie speciality show. These achievements made her the Lapphund Club of Finland's Top Puppy for 2022! By the time she was one year old she had finished her Finnish Junior championship, won CC's both in Finland and Sweden and also taken a Nordic CC. Not just a pretty face, Salli turned out to be an excellent reindeer herder when attending a weekend bootcamp in Lapland in March 2023. Later that year she turned out to be a clever sheep herder as well, and her second time herding reindeer in January 2024 was another success. However, the reindeer herding aptitude test in April 2024 did not go quite so well as Salli was a tad too eager and therefore got the evaluation Retesting recommended. She has also done a nosework training course.

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Katajavaaran Menninkäinen Jäkäläkummun Laiskajaakko FI Ch Orso-Farm Hiski
NORD/FI/SE/NO Ch Jäkäläkummun Ensi-Lempi
FI Ch Miilupellon Muru
Kanervakeijun Metsäruusu
Cantavia Metsäruusu Orso-Farm Kisälli Orso-Farm Palsa
Orso-Farm Tanhuvilla
Cantavia Luhtavilla FI/SE Ch Kontioharjun Kaamos
C.I.B/FI/SE/EE/LT/BY Ch BALT/EE/LV/LT/BY JCh FI Vet Ch Lapinpeikon Namupala