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NHAT BH Cantavia Sarkanuttu

    • Finnish Lapphund (bitch)
    • Sire: Cantavia Valoilmiö
    • Dam: Cantavia Uninuttu
    • DOB 13 Mar 2019
    • Location: Liminka
    • Eyes clear (May '21), hip score B/B, elbow score 0/0, free from patella luxation and heart murmurs, prcd-PRA Normal/Clear by parentage, Pompe disease Normal/Clear by parentage, Degenerative Myelopathy Normal/Carrier by parentage

Bella was my pick bitch of the litter from the get-go, or from the time the puppies started moving around anyway - I could not stop admiring her effortless long-reaching side gait. She also reminds me of some of her close relatives. A suitable home came up out of the blue: my friend Matleena told me that a friend of hers, who had been "borrowing" her Sylvi, wanted a Lappie of her own as she liked Sylvi so much. What could be more perfect than a Sylvi granddaughter? When I learned that the puppy was going to be called Bella it brought a smile to my face: the name is an (unintentional) nod towards the very first Lappie that I ever met. The original Bella, the foundation bitch of the Jäkäläkummun kennel, appears in Bella Jr's pedigree many times over starting from the seventh generation. So far Bella has been shown in conformation and she has had a go at herding (reindeer and sheep), nosework, agility, and search and rescue. She has also been temperament tested with a score of 170 points/gun-sure (additional remark in the report: unaccustomed to gunshots). Bella has passed the required tests of ground search and tracking and is over halfway through her journey to one day joining the emergency team of The Volunteer Rescue Service of Finland. In October 2021, she came down with pyometra and had to be spayed, so to our disappointment she will not be having any puppies. Thank you Hanneliisa and the family!

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Cantavia Valoilmiö Kuurakuonon Caskikettu Dielku
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Orso-Farm Temmo
C.I.B/NORD/FI/SE/NO/RU Ch HeW '15 Kivimarjan Suopunkityttö
Cantavia Uninuttu Orso-Farm Kobmi Orso-Farm Qummitus
Orso-Farm Ronja Riiviö
Savumerkin Papu SE Ch Nord JW '12 Lapinlumon Xensaatio
FI Ch Petäjämaan Varpu