Cantavia Finnish Lapphunds


Finnish Lapphund puppies expected around New Year's Eve by Orso-Farm Kisälli (photos by Eija Lehtimäki & Petra Palukka) ex Cantavia Luhtavilla (photos by Petra Palukka). Both parents have friendly, outgoing temperaments. Click here for the pedigree in KoiraNet.

Sire: Orso-Farm Kisälli
  • Nine years old, two previous litters
  • Hip score B/B (index 92)
  • Eyes clear (Apr '17)
  • prcd-PRA Normal/Clear
  • Pompe disease Normal/Clear
  • Degenerative myelopathy Normal/Clear
Dam: Cantavia Luhtavilla
Personal page - KoiraNet
  • Almost three years old, no previous litters
  • Hip score A/B (index 113)
  • Elbow score 0/0
  • Patella score 0/0
  • Eyes clear (Nov '16)
  • Clear heart certificate (Nov '16)
  • prcd-PRA Normal/Clear
  • Pompe disease Normal/Clear by parentage
  • Degenerative myelopathy Normal/Clear
  • Graded EXC or VG every time shown