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Cantavia Mielitietty

    • Finnish Lapphund (bitch)
    • Sire: Jäkäläkummun Jänkäjustus
    • Dam: NORD/FI/DK/SE Ch KLB Ch Lapinlumon Lapinloru
    • DOB 1 July 2007
    • Owned by Raili Ojalehto
    • Eyes clear Nov '09, hip score B/B, elbow score 1/0, patella luxation (grade 1) on left knee, right knee clear, free from heart murmurs, prcd-PRA Normal/Clear by parentage

Once again, there was only one bitch puppy in my fifth litter so I did not sell her but instead placed her out on breeding terms. Miina the whirlwind lives with Raili Ojalehto and her family in Oulu. I thought I had met pretty lively and outgoing puppies before, but Miina was something else! Thankfully she slowed down when fully mature. Shown only twice, she gained a Very Good grading both times. In 2011, Miina had a litter of two males and is now owned by Raili, who I want to thank for taking such good care of her!

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Jäkäläkummun Jänkäjustus Sydäntalven Fauni Pilvipolun Riite
Fidelis Jäätar
FI Ch W '04 Jäkäläkummun Palsamilla
Orso-Farm Palsa
C.I.B/FI/NO Ch Jäkäläkummun Kamomilla
NORD/FI/DK/SE Ch KLB Ch Lapinlumon Lapinloru Fidelis Yari FI Ch Hiidenparran Ikikiva
FI Ch Turnukan Elli
Lapinlumon Geamadat Kello Mauri
Shacal Tahmatassu