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6 June 2019
Vikke's health test results are in: his hip score is B/B, elbow score 0/0 and his eyes are clear. Vikke's gene test results will be available soon as well once we get his MyDogDNA report back from Genoscoper. Thank you Tuula and Matti!

25 May 2019
Piteå all-breed show, Sweden 25 May: Svea won the open class receiving a grading of Excellent and Champion Quality under Lisa Molin.

Also some heartbreaking news from Sweden: Kilpi is no longer with us. She had got extremely sick completely out of the blue and the only right thing to do was to let her go. Everything happened so suddenly and we have no answers as to what was wrong with her. The best guess (by a veterinarian) is that her spleen ruptured possibly because of tumours. My condolences go out to Kilpi's family.

19 May 2019
Taivalkoski group show 18 May: Hilppa, who was attending her very first show, won the puppy bitch class (with just one entry though) under breed specialist Tapio Kakko. Photo by Pirjo Kivijärvi.

Ruusu and Hilppa have new profile pictures (thanks Pirjo!) and Ruusu's gallery has also been updated.

11 May 2019
Raahe group show 5 May: Alma had her ring debut in a miserable weather, however, showed like a pro! Graded Very Good, she won the junior bitch class of five under breed specialist Tapio Kakko. Photos by Taru Vallius.

The Otso and Nuttu puppies are now in their new homes adjusting to their new families. Jehu (successor to Ropi) lives in Ii, while litter brother Pörri stayed here in Oulu. Owned by the Jäätuulen kennel, Vappu went out on breeding terms to live with the Kauniin Lappies. The last one to leave the nest was Bella, who I placed out on terms in Liminka. Photo by Merja Koivuluoma.

Vikke's profile picture updated and new photos added to Alma's gallery - thank you Taru!

10 Apr 2019
Riga International, Latvia 23/24 Mar: Hali, his owners Merja and Mika as well as her handler Katja drove all the way to Riga to attend two international shows, and they kindly took my Vuokko with them as well. On Saturday, Hali went third in the dog challenge while Vuokko, who was molting like crazy, was given a Very Good by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen. On Sunday it was Hali's turn to be graded VG whereas Vuokko got an Excellent but did not get any further. The judge on Sunday was Dmitry Prozorov. Thank you Merja, Mika & Katja!

Spring Specialty of the Lapphund Club of Finland, Espoo 24 Mar: it was lovely to see the two oldies Jippo and Kukka that I had not met for a while. Maija Mäkinen was judging the males while Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki did the bitches, and both dogs were graded Very Good. Photos by Sanna Parviainen.

Sadly, we have had to say goodbye to Viivi, who recently had an epileptic fit and was diagnosed with a brain tumour shortly after that. She would have turned ten years old today. Viivi was one of those puppies that I will always remember - I have never had another puppy with such a waggy tail. My condolences to Viivi's family.

13 Mar 2019
"Very soon" meant very soon indeed - the Otso ex Nuttu puppies are here! Born a few days early, the two boys and two girls are doing great, and so is their mum.

12 Mar 2019
Puppy news! Nuttu is well and truly in whelp by Otso and the pups are due very soon.

Some sad news as well - Siehkku had to be given sleep last week due to behaviour issues. It was not a light decision but had to be taken eventually as the situation was not easy either for Siehkku or the other dogs in the family. My condolences to Pirjo & family.

Hali has been eye tested clear. Thank you Merja & Mika! Speaking of Hali, he attended a reindeer herding camp on the Saajománnu reindeer farm at Pello last weekend and turned out to be a very clever herder! Photo by Hali's owner Merja.

There is a new picture of Biegga on his personal page (photo by Niina Leiviskä).

24 Feb 2019
Hilla had her first health tests done and unfortunately turned out to have a grade 2 patella luxation on her left knee. As a result, I decided to exclude her from my breeding programme. It was bittersweet then to learn a few days later that her hip score is A/A and elbow score 0/0 (which, of course, I am happy about!).

31 Jan 2019
Alma, now eight months old, has a new profile picture. In addition, there are lots of new photos in her gallery, all thanks to the brilliant photographer Taru Vallius!