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13 Mar 2021

Pessi was recently health tested and the results look like this: his hip score is B/B, elbow score 0/0, patella score 0/0, and his eyes are clear. Also Hali has been eye tested with a clear result. Thank you to the owners of Pessi and Hali!

Photo updates: Alma, Bella and Pörri have new profile pictures and the following galleries have been updated: Alma, Bella, Noki (reindeer herding photos) and Tove (also featured is Tove's flatmate Hilppa). What is more, Nuttu's progeny page has been updated.

14 Feb 2021

Luka's hip and elbow scores are back from the Finnish Kennel Club: hip score C/B, elbow score 0/0.

8 Feb 2021

Health test results: Varpu, Viima and Luka have been eye tested clear. Varpu's patellas were re-examined and the score is still 0/0. Luka's patella score is also 0/0 while his hip and elbow scores are subject to Finnish Kennel Club evaluation. A big thank you to the owners!

Noki has a new profile picture and a couple of new photos in her gallery. Thanks Outi!